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No Border Camp Ukraine 11th to 20th of August 2007

Mittwoch, der 29. August 2007

Call out for No Border Camp in Ukraine 2007 english version greek translation german No Border Camp Ukraine – ein Rückblick Nederlands: No Border Camp Ukraine (nog 4 dagen) English Report from the border camp Report from participants of the camp Photos of the demonstration in uzgorod Translation of german article „No Border Camp Ukraine […]

Leaflet, distributed during the demonstration in Uzgorod

Dienstag, der 28. August 2007

This is the leaflet which was distributed in Uzgorod during the demonstration on Friday, the 17.8.2007. The demonstration started at the migration office and ended, after a short vist at the regional government building, in the center of uzgorod. English and Russian version.

Situation of refugees in the Ukraine

Montag, der 27. August 2007

Refugees in Pawschino Stephan Dünnwald (bavarian refugee counsel) visited the camp in Pawschino in spring 2007. Here you can find his report in English and in German. Ferenc Köszeg, a Hungarian Human Rights activist, also wrote an article concerning the situation in Pawschino. You find it here. (sorry, only in German) 2004 an international traveling […]