Montag, 27. August 2007

Situation of refugees in the Ukraine

refugees in Pawschino
Refugees in Pawschino

Stephan Dünnwald (bavarian refugee counsel) visited the camp in Pawschino in spring 2007. Here you can find his report in English and in German.

Ferenc Köszeg, a Hungarian Human Rights activist, also wrote an article concerning the situation in Pawschino. You find it here. (sorry, only in German)

2004 an international traveling group went along the new Eu-East-borders. Frank John, a participant of this group, describes in his article the new Ukrainian migration policy. (sorry, only in German)

The Human-Rights-Watch report „Ukraine: On the Margins“ describes detailed the Ukrainian asylum policy, agreements with the neighborhood countries concerning migration, situation in the camps, …
For this report more than 150 refugees were interviewed. It is available in English and in Ukrainian.

This Report (English) is from Thomas Hammarberg, commissioner for Human Rights (of the council of Europe). It´s about the human rights situation in the Ukraine. It depends on his visit in December 2006.

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