Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

Frontex an the Ukraine

frontex presentation
frontex presentation

Here some news from the other side. CIRAM, the so called „Common Integrated Risk Analysis Model“ is part of Frontex an tries to develop prognoses about upcoming undocumented border crossings. For them, it seems clear that the route over the Mediterranean Sea will be used by fewer and fewer migrants. Instead, they predict that the route crossing the new European east borders will become more important. In their words: „This is easier, cheaper and less dangerous“.
So, in their view it is only consequent that they try concentrate more on the eastern borders, especially on the borders to the Ukraine. In August, a delegation of Frontex visited Kiev, to make the collaboration more efficient. During the first week of September, there was a joint practice in Zakarpatya, in which Frontex and Ukrainian border guards took part. Probably, Polish and Slovakian authorities were involved, too.

This is what they say about their meeting in Kiev:

Ukraine and Frontex cooperate in joint “Five Borders project” (in German)

3 September 2007

A delegation from the Frontex European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, headed by its Executive Director Ilkka Laitinen, visited Kyiv at the end of August. The delegation met with Col. Gen. Mykola Lytvyn, Chairman of Ukraine’s State Border Service. In June 2007 the Administration of Ukraine’s State Border Service and Frontex signed an agreement on cooperation. The first stage of this cooperation consists of the Five Borders project aimed to coordinate operational cooperation at the European Union’s external border – namely along the Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, and Romanian sectors of Ukraine’s state border. While visiting the Administration of the Ukrainian SBS, representatives of the Agency got acquainted with present tasks and development prospects of the State Border Service of Ukraine. Special attention was paid to the measures taken by Ukrainian border guards for combating illegal migration, cross-border crime and human trafficking as well as acquired experience of cooperation with law-enforcement bodies of neighboring countries and international organizations. Mr. Ilkka Laitinen noted that cooperation with Ukraine is considered to be the most efficient and dynamic among all the partners of the Agency. He also pointed out the Ukrainian border agency’s experience acquired during its transformation from the military into law-enforcement agency.

Col. Gen. Mykola Lytvyn emphasized that one of the State Border Service’s most urgent tasks is raising the professionalism of Ukrainian border guards to the European standard. Assistance and support from colleagues from other states and international organizations is quite important in this endeavour, especially as Ukrainian border guards already have a quality training base being one of the best among similar European agencies. As far as cooperation with Frontex is concerned, Mykola Lytvyn is confident that only the first steps have been made here: further on, cooperation is going to reach to a new level. The main goal of the Five Borders project is to organize a number of joint operations, trainings and workshops that will allow improving border security and cooperation at the EU’s external borders. Besides, the delegation acquainted with the activities of Kyiv detention checkpoint and of the Detention Operational Information Center of the State Border Service’s Sea Guards.

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