Monatsarchiv für Januar 2008

Racist murder in Kiew!

Donnerstag, der 31. Januar 2008

On sunday, the 17 of January a refugee from Congo was killed by nazis in Kiew. The refugees in Kiew need our support: „I WRITTE YOU TODAY AGAIN BECAUSE THE SITUATION OF REFUGERS NOW IS VERY CRITICAL. I WROTE YOU FEW DAYS AGO TO EXPLAIN YOU THAT (…). AND NOW 2 DAYS AGO, ON SUNDAY […]

BBC Video

Montag, der 28. Januar 2008

Outside of EUrope documentary

Dienstag, der 22. Januar 2008

This documentary was produced after the noborder-camp near ushgorod in ukraine last august (English). BBC-report about the Slovakian-Ukrainian border (English). kanalB documentary (German – English subtitle)