Sonntag, 13. April 2008 is still alive!

As you see in the publishing dates of the articles on this side, there was not so much activity during the last month. But this does not mean, that we have no more interest in fighting against the swinishnesses in the east, the EU has to take the responsibility for! Quite contrary, some people were on a really informative visit to Hungary and Ukraine. In Budapest, we met some people from the Helsinki Committee, we visited the refugee camp in Debrecen and we got in contact to really nice people in Uzgorod….A detailed report is in progress, you will find it at this place in a few weeks…

And here some short news:

An Austrian Journalist sent an article, concerning Ukraine and Pavshino.
You find it here (German). It was published in „Falter“, the city magazine of Vienna.

The agreement concerning „small border-crossings“ between Poland and Ukraine is in power since the 28.3.2008: This is one of the awards, the Ukraine got from EU-side for the signature of the readmission-agreement. With a special approval, Ukrainian people have the possibility for border-crossings to Poland, without asking the polish embassy for a visa. But to get this approval, they have to live in a 50 kilometre-corridor away from the border for more than three years.

The actual „UNHCR Position on the Situation of Asylum in Ukraine in the Context of Return of Asylum-Seekers“ (English) is available here.

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