Samstag, 14. März 2009

Pavshino detention-camp has been closed

In December 2008 the detention-camp in Pavshino has been closed. But before, they built up new „resources“: In September 2008 a long-term detention-camp in oblast volyn (near the Polish-Ukrainian border / 180 places) opened, and already in July 2008 they built up a new camp in region Chernigiv (near the Russian-Belarus-Ukrainian border / 250 places). Both „projects“ were mainly financed by the „Capacity Building in Migrantion Management (Phase I and II)“ which runs under the umbrella of IOM, supported with seven million Euro from the European Union. In addition, there is the ICMPD-project „GDISC Ukraine Projekt“ running, under which they are building up eight so called „screening centres“: These camps take place at the Russian-Ukrainian border, their function should be to separate between „illegal migrants“ and „refugees“ more than 1500 kilometres away from the European Union. Apart from that, European Union provides another 30 million Euro to establish five new detention-camps related to the readmission-agreement European Union/Ukraine which came into force the 1.1.2008.

So, there is not really the situation to be happy concerning the closing of Pavshino. Opposite is true: There will come more and more (EU financed) detention-camps in Ukraine in the future, against WE have to fight.

But there are also good news: Together with local partners, we managed to establish a border monitoring project in Transcarpatia and we are developing a wider, more actual website project concerning migration issues in eastern Europe in the moment. This means, that the Pavshino-website will not be actualised any more. But you will hear about our new website-project in the nearer future!

Thanks to all people, who sent stuff for the site! Hope to see you all again, soon!

And finally, a newspaper article concerning the closing of Pavshino:

„On Thursday, December 4, after six years of its activity, centre of temporary accommodation for illegal migrants “Pavshyno” in Transcarpathia was officially closed.

Supreme Frontier Governing Bodies and even the representatives of international charity structures met at the closing of disposable housing for illegal migrants. Transcarpathian authority and the border guards celebrated its closing; however the charity structures were not happy about this.

Major general of the State Frontier Service Borys Marchenko during his speech has told about the following: from December 4, Pavshyno, according to the decision of Transcarpathian Regional Power, is officially passed to municipal ownership of Mukachevo district. Almost all its “inhabitants” have been already moved to a similar establishment in Volyn’ region. On the whole, in the course of the centre’s activity there were from 11 to 13 thousand illegal migrants kept in here.

From the very beginning of the existence of this object, it actually has not had any owners. Thus, with no concurrence of the local inhabitants, Hennadiy Moskal organized this centre on the base of two eight-flat houses of former secret military area. With no agreement with the Frontier Service it was loaded by care about this structure, at the same time government did not carried out any financial support during all the period of this establishment’s existence. This centre subsisted for the means of state border guards and charitable organizations.

After traditional long speeches under a heavy rain the border guards set to sending the last 10 illegal migrants from Pavshyno. Poor migrants were attacked by about dozens of Ukrainian, Hungarian and even French journalists of Mass Media. All wanted to know how was bad the life of that boys.
We were managed to have a talk in English with one of the illegal migrants, Abdul. He told us that he and other his sworn brothers were from Egypt. All of them came for studying to Ukraine about a year ago. They entered Lviv University, Polytechnic Department, and then they tried to find a better lot in the countries of European Union. Thus, they were detained by the border guards and therefore they got to Pavshyno. The boy told that he had not bad life here. The only difficult thing for him was to get use to our climate and he missed his relatives very much.

According to the words of the border guards who send the Egyptians, and the head of Mukachevo Frontier Detachment Igor Levada, at first, the migrants will be sent to Lviv, and then they will be forwarded to their motherland. Some part of the staff from Pavshyno, 20% of who are women, will stay, the others are going to guard the state borders. This is a will of the governing bodies.

Besides, authority of Mukachevo district is going to make plans concerning a new object of municipal ownership. There are different versions among the others about the use of the present asylum: from building a health resort here to equipping a parking zone. Telling the truth, an order should be put at first concerning the storehouse of chemicals of “Petr Karbohem”, which is located nearby. Thus, in future the illegal migrants will be met here in the capacity of tourists.“


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