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Cheap longchamp visual representation culled from different sources

Moet hennessy louis vuitton adr otcmkts For the 3rd in this series of posts regarding brands ownership in luxury fashion, i dedicating the whole page for the behemoth conglomerate louis vuitton moet hennesy(Lvmh, otcpk:Lvmuy)Group.As usual, i organized the brands based on how the parent company treats them. In this case, LVMH organizes the businessGroups as the following (Percentages refer to revenue share based on 2013 annual report): Fashion leather goods 34% selective retailing and other activities 29% combined wines spirits 14% perfumes cosmetics 13% watches jewelry 10% lvmh has a 23.1% stake in Herm(Otcpk:Hesay)And the company does not expressly include more information than that in its annual report.Furthermore, the group also has a private equity arm that is not mentioned in the annual report.L capital asia, as the name implies, is focused on brands in asia and the pacific china, india, taiwan, singapore, australia. In most of the brands in each business group, lvmh has a 100% ownership and almost always a majority stake.Anderson. JonathanAnderson also became the creative director of the Loewe brand, on the heels of the departure of Stuart Vevers to Coach.The exact terms of the agreement are not public as of now.Lvmh forged a joint venture agreement with the designer marco de vincenzo, former designer for fendi.After a battle with prada, lvmh took a 80% stake in cova, a milanese pastry shop in early 2014.The company is currently redeveloping la samaritaine, a paris architectural attraction that used to be a department store, which lvmh bought in 2001.The project plans include a department store as well as a 72 room cheval blanc(Another lvmh brand)Luxury hotel.What i found most interesting is how dior is incorporated into the brand.Lvmh includes dior parfums and dior watches within its portfolio but not the dior ready to wear and couture.Technically, christian dior(Otcpk:Chdry)Owns a minority stake in lvmh and this is quite an oversimplification of the labyrinthine ownership of dior and lvmh shares by the arnault family.See below for a Cheap longchamp visual representation culled from different sources.There a lot of history to how this structure came to be and i will devote a completely different post on it because it will require a lot more research, some of them involves public documents in french.Even forbes is struggling to make sense of it. Disclosure:No longchamp outlet positions Editor’s note:This article Cheap longchamp discusses one or more securities that do not trade on a major exchange.Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.

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