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Mittwoch, der 18. Mai 2016

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Dienstag, der 26. April 2016

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Sonntag, der 13. April 2008

As you see in the publishing dates of the articles on this side, there was not so much activity during the last month. But this does not mean, that we have no more interest in fighting against the swinishnesses in the east, the EU has to take the responsibility for! Quite contrary, some people were […]

Peripherie als schwarzes Loch

Dienstag, der 4. März 2008

sorry, only in German: NoBorder-Camp lässt Osteuropa links liegen Die Unterschiede hätten kaum größer sein können: Während in Rostock und Heiligendamm Duschcontainer, Internetzelte oder multiflexible Volksküchen zum allenthalben begrüßten Campstandard gehörten, ging es beim NoBorder-Camp in der Ukraine vergangenen August ungleich bescheidener zu. Die rund 350 TeilnehmerInnen aus über 15 Ländern verpassten allerdings, den gesellschaftlichen […]

Outside of EUrope documentary

Dienstag, der 22. Januar 2008

This documentary was produced after the noborder-camp near ushgorod in ukraine last august (English). BBC-report about the Slovakian-Ukrainian border (English). kanalB documentary (German – English subtitle)


Mittwoch, der 5. Dezember 2007

It seems, that for a lot of people the Ukrainian noborder-camp and the „new“ eastern eu-borders in general are still really interesting and in their minds. This is what was published recently in the issue: Crossing Borders – Transnational Newsletter, 4th Issue, October 2007 (English, French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, German) „Hinterland“-Article about the camp […]

More media…

Sonntag, der 30. September 2007

The no border camp is over for more than one month now. The people who are still interested in the issue, can find more documentation here: Photos of the camp and the actions Audio-report, produced by free speech radio news (English) [audio:/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/cut.mp3] The call for the no border Camp Ukraine 2007 (English) Article about the […]

„Jungle World“ article about the camp

Montag, der 10. September 2007

The German magazine „Jungle World“ wrote an article about the noborder-camp. You find it here.

Actions at the no border camp

Dienstag, der 4. September 2007

Link to an article about Actions at the No Border Camp

No Border Camp Ukraine 11th to 20th of August 2007

Mittwoch, der 29. August 2007

Call out for No Border Camp in Ukraine 2007 english version greek translation german No Border Camp Ukraine – ein Rückblick Nederlands: No Border Camp Ukraine (nog 4 dagen) English Report from the border camp Report from participants of the camp Photos of the demonstration in uzgorod Translation of german article „No Border Camp Ukraine […]

Leaflet, distributed during the demonstration in Uzgorod

Dienstag, der 28. August 2007

This is the leaflet which was distributed in Uzgorod during the demonstration on Friday, the 17.8.2007. The demonstration started at the migration office and ended, after a short vist at the regional government building, in the center of uzgorod. English and Russian version.