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Ukraine: Racial discrimination on the rise

Dienstag, der 5. August 2008

by Amnesty International 10 July 2008 We fear for our children who are going to schools and kindergarten — they can be attacked or killed at any time. Tomas Lukayi, Director of the African Association in Kyiv (Kyiv) In a report published today, Amnesty International warns about an alarming rise in violent attacks against foreigners […]

UNHCR and Frontex

Freitag, der 4. Juli 2008

„In Warsaw today (17.06), UNHCR and the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at External Borders (FRONTEX) are exchanging letters to strengthen their partnership. The agreement between the two agencies includes a number of areas of cooperation such as regular consultations, exchanges of information, expertise and experience, inputs into training (particularly on international […] is still alive!

Sonntag, der 13. April 2008

As you see in the publishing dates of the articles on this side, there was not so much activity during the last month. But this does not mean, that we have no more interest in fighting against the swinishnesses in the east, the EU has to take the responsibility for! Quite contrary, some people were […]

Outside of EUrope documentary

Dienstag, der 22. Januar 2008

This documentary was produced after the noborder-camp near ushgorod in ukraine last august (English). BBC-report about the Slovakian-Ukrainian border (English). kanalB documentary (German – English subtitle)

Frontex an the Ukraine

Donnerstag, der 15. November 2007

frontex presentation Here some news from the other side. CIRAM, the so called „Common Integrated Risk Analysis Model“ is part of Frontex an tries to develop prognoses about upcoming undocumented border crossings. For them, it seems clear that the route over the Mediterranean Sea will be used by fewer and fewer migrants. Instead, they predict […]

More media…

Sonntag, der 30. September 2007

The no border camp is over for more than one month now. The people who are still interested in the issue, can find more documentation here: Photos of the camp and the actions Audio-report, produced by free speech radio news (English) [audio:/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/cut.mp3] The call for the no border Camp Ukraine 2007 (English) Article about the […]

Fortress Europe kills again!

Dienstag, der 18. September 2007

Reuters-report about the tragedy (english) Friday, the 14th of September, the bodies of three Chechen girls (ages 6, 10 and 13) were found in Poland (Ustrzyki Dolne), near the Ukrainian-Polish border. After Polish border guards picked up their mother, carrying her 2 year-old daughter, she told them were to find her three dead children. They […]

Ukraine: Chechen refugee at risk of forcible return

Freitag, der 7. September 2007

Our friends in Kiev are actively involved in struggle to stop deportation of 25-year-old ethnic Chechen refugee Lema Susarov to the Russian Federation You may subscribe an appeal.

Inside Pawschino

Mittwoch, der 5. September 2007

Dear friends, My name is (name supplied), I’m a refugee from Palestine seeking asylum from persecution in my country. I was detained in the Pawschino Camp in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. On behalf of my fellows, I’d like to share with you my experience and circumstances in the camp.

European neighborhood policy

Mittwoch, der 5. September 2007

The Ukraine is part of the so called „European neighborhood policy“. Countries around the EU can become „privileged partners“ when they meet the demands of the European Union. A main part of this policy is the control of migration. Read the article in German or in English

Situation of refugees in the Ukraine

Montag, der 27. August 2007

Refugees in Pawschino Stephan Dünnwald (bavarian refugee counsel) visited the camp in Pawschino in spring 2007. Here you can find his report in English and in German. Ferenc Köszeg, a Hungarian Human Rights activist, also wrote an article concerning the situation in Pawschino. You find it here. (sorry, only in German) 2004 an international traveling […]